Leadership Development is Broken

Leadership programmes can vary greatly in quality and the vast majority do not equip leaders for the real challenges they face.


An average quality one may educate your leaders on models, concepts, theories and case studies. A good programme may include skills training  (e.g. how to have a difficult conversation).

However, putting these skills into practice proves to be very difficult when the leader is experiencing excessive stress. When this happens, they revert to micro-managing, become overly critical or even withdrawn. They will negatively impact employee engagement and they may even burn out. 

An excellent leadership development programme will factor in the pressures and stress risks that come with being a leader. 


Time for something new

Why wait until your leaders lose effectiveness due to stress, or even burn themselves out? We believe that this is risky and leads to dysfunction in other parts of the business.

Wouldn't it be great if your leaders could take better care of themselves so that they could take care of others?


This is possible by ensuring your programmes are designed to respond to the messiness and busy-ness of real life.  


It makes more sense to equip leaders and managers with the self-awareness and skills to handle the inevitable periods of high pressure or difficulty that come with senior roles.


A Proven Approach

Our leadership programmes are based on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology.


Our programmes are designed to support leaders in:

  • Assessing their current stress levels using biometric testing

  • Understanding the brain science behind resilience and how it is something that can be learnt

  • Learning how to operate under pressure

  • Letting go of tasks that they can delegate to others
  • Handling difficult conversations that raise performance whilst maintaining psychological safety
  • Developing greater leadership presence
  • Engaging others with vision and purpose ​​

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