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Resilience and Stress Management Coaching for 21st Century Leaders

Our 1:1 executive resilience coaching helps leaders and high potential employees cope and thrive during times of challenge.

Our coaches are seasoned Executive Coaches or Psychologists who specialise in helping people to  build resilience to stress and perform at their best. 

Overcoming stressful patterns with Resilience Coaching.

Unlike other forms of coaching, our approach is designed to focus on helping participants to get unstuck from stressful patterns of thoughts and behaviour. 

Typical unhelpful patterns that lead to stress can include; micro-managing, checking emails beyond normal work hours and not delegating effectively. 


The coaching sessions are personalised and the ultimate goal is to alleviate stress and enable the executive to reach higher levels of sustainable performance.

Using the principles of Conscious Business and influenced by neuroscience, our coaches provide a mix of support and challenge that is more likely to create behaviour change for the coachees.

Our Executive resilience coaching sessions enable participants to reflect on the degree to which stress is driving their behaviours and examine practical solutions to cultivating skills which improve self-care and performance.

Why Resilience Coaching?

Coaching is widely accepted as a key development tool for those who perform at the top of their game. Our 1:1 executive resilience coaching sessions will help to:

  • Address behavioural and lifestyle patterns that lead to stress

  • Explore and resolve situations that are currently stressful 

  • Deepen reflection on personal values and long term goals 

  • Practice difficult conversations 

  • Experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving before trying it out in ‘real life’. 

Executive Coaching with Impact

All of our executive coaches have top tier coaching experience and bring a new dimension to the coaching relationship. Their primary focus is to ensure that they help leaders to bring their best selves to work.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your executives and managers with resilience coaching. 

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