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The adjustment to the modern working world can be challenging

You've gone to the effort and expense of hiring the best talent.

Now make sure that you provide them with the skills and mindsets to thrive.

Future-proof the leaders of tomorrow

Transitioning to the pressures of 21st century work life can be challenging.

Our Graduate Resilience programmes equip your young talent with the mindsets and behaviours that will help them smoothly navigate through challenging times. 

Recent studies have shown that the youngest in the workforce suffer most from workplace stress. 

We help you support younger employees before pressure turns to stress. 

Resilience Training for Millenials & Gen Z

Our Graduate Resilience programmes are suited for new graduates or teams of younger employees who may be struggling to cope, or are working under pressure. 

Programmes typically include:

  • Understanding self (including psychometric analysis e.g. Myers Briggs, DISC)

  • Discovering personal values and long term goals 

  • The basics of emotional regulation and stress management

  • Moving out of unhelpful mindsets and developing positive 'agent' mindsets

  • Powerful communication skills

  • The art of difficult conversations.

Improve engagement and retention of your new talent.

Get in touch to find out more about our resilience and stress management programmes for the millennial and GenZ workforce.

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