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Workplace Team Resilience

Creating a Resilient Team

How Well Can Your Team Perform Under Pressure ?

We can help your team develop the resilience they need for optimum wellbeing and consistent levels of high performance. 

These outcomes are achievable using a combination of:

  • Stress monitoring

  • Confidential interviews with team members

  • Facilitated team discussions

  • Wellness coaching

  • Online learning modules

The 3 Pillars of a Resilient Team

Wiser Working Dimensions of Resilient Teams

Leading a Resilient Team

If you lead a team that is struggling to cope with pressure or not meeting their targets, we can help you.


How it works

  1. You discuss your situation with us.

  2. We agree on the desired outcomes for you and the team.

  3. We conduct stress monitoring or confidential interviews with team members to assess how they are coping.

  4. We share the key findings and co-design a team session with you.

  5. Your team comes together for a facilitated discussion and agrees on the quick wins they need to reach your desired team outcomes. 


Quick Wins for Resilient Teams

You will be amazed how quickly you can help your team turn around a period of stress or poor performance.


Using the insights from our team interviews and stress diagnostics, we will facilitate an honest team discussion that draws out ideas for how your team can improve resilience  and performance.


Here are some examples of quick wins that our clients have found: 



  • Ground rules for meeting times and email usage

  • Buddy system to check on team members wellbeing

  • Making it acceptable to ask for help

  • Introducing Growth Mindset principles 

  • Encouraging hobbies and sharing progress on hobbies  



  • Ruthless elimination of unnecessary tasks/projects

  • More regular alignment on key goals

  • More honesty when processes are not working

  • Respectful pushback on demanding clients and stakeholders

  • More effective team meetings


Addressing these issues will help cultivate the characteristics of a resilient team.


It is inevitable that teams who invest in these conversations, learn how to work smarter and achieve their goals without burning out. 

Quick wins
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