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Wellbeing consulting


Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

It can be valuable to get a fresh perspective on your wellbeing strategy.

We can assess your current programmes and help to increase their impact.


Maybe you have great ideas but are simply too busy to implement them, or you have a great programme, but engagement is low.

Allow us to do the heavy-lifting for you and ensure you get great results. 

The Problems We Solve


Staff are not interested in current initiatives

Employees say that wellbeing is important to them but they don't attend workshops or avail of the Employee Assistance Programme. 


Our culture doesn't support wellbeing

Leaders have committed to creating a wellbeing culture but do not role model good work-life balance.

Employees still feel overworked and unsupported. 


We need new wellbeing ideas

You have set up a wellbeing committee but you don't know where to focus first.

You are also busy with your day job!

How We Can Help You?


Clarify the strengths and opportunities of your current wellbeing agenda. We will gather insights from: - Sickness data - EAP usage - Staff turnover - Engagement surveys - Focus groups - Staff interviews


Develop a wellbeing strategy that is ideal for your organisation's size, budget and culture. Your strategy will align with your overall organisational strategy and may focus on: - Reducing sick days - Improving employee enangement - Retaining talent - Reducing workload - Flexible working - Engaging leaders in wellbeing


Design and deliver cost-effective solutions to create a healthier workplace.   Areas of focus may include: - Train Wellbeing Champions - Management Training - Executive team retreats - Improving collaboration - Addressing toxic behaviours - Programme of talks and workshops - Wellbeing data dashboard

Some of our Clients

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Are you interested in how we can help you?

If so, please provide your details below. 

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