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Build Resilience and
Keep Performing Under Pressure

Tough Times Don't Last.
Resilient Teams Do.

Resilient people and teams adapt well under pressure. 

Teams that build resilience, outperform those that don't.

It is normal in resilient teams to have honest conversations about the team's workload, resources and goals.

Our award-winning solutions can help leaders and teams in organisations to build the resilience they need to perform at their best.  We use stress-monitoring technology, resilience coaching, bite-sized learning and facilitated team sessions. 

In October 2022, Wiser Working was ranked as Best External Consultancy at the annual CIPD Awards.

This recognition from the UK's HR professional body, assures clients that they can expect the highest quality of solutions and service.

How It Works?


We collaborate with you to identify the benefits of building resilience in your team. 



Your team participates in our CORE   programme, combining heart-monitoring, learning modules and coaching.


Your team environment is healthier and you learn to perform better under pressure.

Wiser Working CORE


What People Say


"Noel has a natural capability to engage with the audience and support their learning on a deep level to provoke reflection and change."

Hernan Gonzalez Merlani

Head of HR EMEA 

Global Private Banking


Manage Your Energy with Firstbeat

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is used globally by athletes and high performers who are motivated to get the right balance of stress, recovery and exercise. 

We provide our clients with a heart monitor device to wear for a 3-5 days, which tracks their activities and sleep.

Clients receive a detailed report which provides them with key insights into their current coping abilities. Our trained coaches, work with each client to help them to optimise their energy levels and resilience to stress. 

Find out more.  

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Does Your Team Need to
Build Resilience?

If so, let us know how we can help you. 

Thanks for getting in touch, we'll get back to you shortly

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