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Promoting physical and mental health and wellness at work

Our wellness and lifestyle support programmes help your employees bring their best selves to work. 

We know that a healthy workplace needs more than fruit bowls and yoga classes. Wiser Working's wellness programmes offer employees real support in understanding their own health needs and provide realistic interventions to help manage the challenges of modern living and working. 

Our workplace wellness offerings are curated and delivered by qualified coaches, nutritionists, psychologists and mindfulness experts who all have experience in busy, modern workplaces.


Our goal is to support your people to achieve true work/life balance.


People During Workshop


We design wellness programmes that promote long-term wellness and healthy mindsets. 


Programme topics can be niche or more varied to provide a breadth of information. Some of our current programmes include:


  • Menopause Support Programme: diet and lifestyle support to manage the transition for life after 40.

  • Healthy Aging: learning from worldwide Blue Zone citizens. 

  • Lifestyle Hacks to Build Resilience to Stress: diet, sleep and mindfulness for balanced living.

  • Optimal Energy: Easy ways to to achieve and maintain zest for life. 

  • Mindfulness at Work: Weekly 30-minute mindfulness sessions (morning or lunchtime).

Programmes are run in-person or online over 4+ weeks. Participants have access to our online learning portal for additional materials and support. 


Wellness Programmes


Inject some inspiration to your team meeting or raise your team-offsite to another level with interactive, educational health and wellness workshops. 

These 'snackable' talks help to seed sustainable health habits in an interactive and engaging way. 


Our most popular topics include:

  • Food and Mood

  • Work Life and Digital Boundaries

  • Women's Health in the Workplace

  • The Gut Factor: Nourishing your Second Brain

  • Eating for Energy: Fighting fatigue with the right diet

  • Mindfulness for Beginners

  • The Healthy Brain: Future-proofing our cognitive health

Talks are offered in-person or online.

Staff Meeting
Wellness Workshops


Some people need a little personalised support. We work with team leaders, managers and business owners to promote all aspects of resilience and health. 

Our supportive and empathetic lifestyle and wellbeing coaches help in the following ways:

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching

  • Life coaching

  • Stress management

  • Psychotherapy

  • Work/life balance support returning to work after absence

We offer confidential lifestyle coaching packages with selection of qualified and insured professionals.


Health Coaching
Wellbeing Consultancy

Wellbeing Consultancy

Let us design your workplace wellbeing strategy

We work with you to optimise your people's potential, performance and prosperity so they can thrive. 

We will work with you to build and launch impactful and sustainable workplace wellbeing programmes.  

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