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Develop In-House Wellness Expertise

Small businesses can be busy and stressful places to work. When even a small number of employees are  struggling with stress, it can have a big impact on an organisation’s costs and productivity. 

Having your own in-house Wellbeing Champions enables your organisation to be more proactive in reducing stress, burnout and absenteeism. It also enhances your ability to attract and retain key talent.


We develop your Wellbeing Champions with the knowledge, skills and confidence to build and execute wellbeing programmes and embed a culture of wellness in the organisation.


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Special Deals

Coming Soon - Digital Programme!

In June 2024 we will launch a digital-only version of our Wellbeing Champions Training.

Our video modules will empower you with all of the resources and ideas you need to:

  • Assess wellbeing needs

  • Engage senior stakeholders

  • Craft an impactful wellbeing strategy

  • Drive participation for your programme

Discounts are available for early-bird users. Please let us know if you would like to be informed when the programme goes live.

Some of our Clients

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Wellbeing Champions Programme Overview

We offer bespoke wellbeing champions training for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our programmes are ideal for organisations who value improved wellbeing but who do not have a full-time wellbeing manager. A small team of wellbeing champions can address this need, however they will certainly benefit from the external support that we can provide. 

Participants will develop competence in conceiving, promoting and executing an internal wellbeing strategy. 

Programmes are designed to your needs, but are typically three-day interactive sessions, spread over 6 weeks. 



2 days in-person +

2 X 1/2 day online.

Run over 6 weeks.


Participants will design a wellbeing strategy as part of the course outcomes.


We help participants overcome internal barriers and challenges

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Programme Content

The Wellbeing Champions training programme includes five core modules:

  1. The Fundamentals of Workplace Wellness. Understanding what ‘wellness’ is and why it is important for organisations. Participants will learn to distinguish between initiatives that pay lip service to wellness and those that really deliver results. 

  2. Making a Start. Learning skills to assess your company’s wellness needs, including audits and surveys. How to get buy-in from leaders and employees, by having constructive stakeholder consultations.

  3. Building a Vision & Strategy. Creating a compelling vision and designing a workplace wellbeing strategy/programme. Creating a case to obtain the necessary resources and budget.

  4. Setting the Plan in Motion. Rolling out a programme and developing a Communication Strategy. Key skills for building engagement and getting return on investment.

  5. Measuring Success. How to collect meaningful insights, assessing feedback and evolving your wellness strategy.

Who is the Wellbeing Champions Programme for?

This course is for employees who have a keen interest in their own wellbeing and are motivated to create a culture of wellbeing in their organisation. All they need is some support from experts who can provide them with tools and templates to begin making a difference in their workplace.

Champions may have any job role in the organisation and they will usually integrate their wellbeing champion duties alongside their normal duties. The programme addresses how participants can manage dual roles.

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Why Invest in Wellbeing Champions?

Benefits for Employers

  1. Improved staff wellbeing: By investing in the wellbeing agenda, the organisation will have happier, healthier and more productive employees.

  2. Talent retention:  Employees are putting increasing emphasis on wellbeing. A wellbeing culture helps to retain and attract talent.

  3. Optimise business outcomes: Happy staff are more productive and provide better service to clients.   


Benefits for Attendees

  1. Become an agent of change: Participants learn how to engage their colleagues in the topic of wellbeing and make a difference to their workplace culture.

  2. Personal growth: They improve their influencing skills, stretch beyond their comfort-zone and grow in confidence.

  3. Build a network: They learn alongside other wellbeing champions who can support them personally and professionally in the future.


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