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Leadership Team Coaching

What Does Your Team Need?


Better Alignment?

Your team members are not all pulling in the same direction. They have lost sight of the key strategic priorities and performance overall is below its potential.


More Collaboration?

Trust and open communication is missing. There are some tensions that need to be worked out. There is a mix of older and newer team members who are not a cohesive unit.


Greater Resilience?

There is a lot of pressure and stress in your team right now. You know this is not sustainable but you can't seem to find a way through it.

How We Can Help You?

Our team coaching process can significantly improve performance.

You will identify opportunities for quick wins and make simple changes in how your team pursues its goals.

people INsights

Identify what your team needs to fulfill its true potential. We provide: - Team Leader consultations - Team member interviews - Team Surveys - Psychometric Profiling

Facilitation & coaching

A short series of facilitated meetings will allow your team to step back and discuss the team's priorities. Our facilitators will: - Design the most productive meetings and workshops - Identify where the team is inefficient or creating stress - Create an ideal environment for open discussion - Generate a bias for resolution and action - Support and challenge the team to come up with new ideas

Resilience support

Improve the energy of your team by monitoring stress and recovery levels. We can provide: - Confidential biometric heart monitoring to allow team members to track their stress, recovery and sleep. - Individual debriefing of heart monitoring results. - Lifestyle coaching for individuals at risk of burnout - Short training videos on resilience, nutrition and wellbeing

Some of our Clients

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Which Teams Will Benefit?

Team Coaching is an ideal option for:

  • Newly formed teams who need to align, cultivate trust and develop a culture of conscious leadership.

  • Leadership teams who need to improve communication, cohesion and collaboration.

  • Teams who need to regroup and re-energise after challenging times.

  • High performing teams where individuals may be at risk of burnout.

Are you interested in how we can help you?

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