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Health and Wellbeing Assessment 

Introducing the Firstbeat Wellbeing Assessment

Diagnostics are pivotal in our CORE model. Not only does solid data improve buy-in from senior stakeholders and participants, it allows us to design programmes and content that really make a difference to your people.

We are certified providers of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. This wellbeing assessment is a complete health and wellness check that reveals the link between lifestyle and performance.


Firstbeat diagnostics help leaders to understand their physical stress and recovery balance. A Firstbeat Wellbeing Assessment:

  • Enables individual understanding of stress and its impact on personal performance;

  • Pinpoints activities that improve collaboration, creative thinking and focus;

  • Increases buy-in for resilience-building initiatives;

  • Motivates participants to adopt positive changes to achieve balance and boost performance.

Who benefits?

  • Leaders and Senior executives (e.g. a Top Team health audit)

  • High risk groups e.g. people who travel frequently, people exposed to frontline pressures, people involved in organisational changes

  • Participants in Talent Development or Management Development programmes

  • Individuals on a Resilience & Lifestyle Optimisation coaching programme.

Essential Insights

For Individuals:

Individual team members receive a personalised report and a confidential coaching session with one of our consultants.

They learn about their unique responses to stress, balance of stress/recovery, sleep quality, fitness and wellbeing. 

For Organisations:

Stakeholders can pinpoint collective pain-points using our aggregate-level team reports.

With our Resilience Insights surveys, you can track feedback directly from employees to address specific pressure points. 

Please contact us if you would like to try a wellbeing assessment.

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