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Resilient people and teams perform better.
That means when you equip your people with resilient mindsets and behaviours, your business does better too.

Stress Management and Resilience

Effective stress management is one of the key variables that can determine how well a person or organisation performs.


When humans find themselves in stressful situations, the primal part of their brain takes over. This creates the classic 'fight, flight or freeze' response. This response is ultimately there to keep us alive, which is why it is so powerful and fast-acting. Sadly, when people are overwhelmed or uncertain about the future, this response starts to become a more permanent feature. 


When the stress response is activated, people are less open to reason, collaboration, positive conversations or new ideas. In the work setting, you can start to see how stressed employees are less likely to perform and can be the cause of conflict and disquiet.


Stress is a reality of modern life. It is not going to go away, but we can learn to work with our unique responses to stress using effective approaches to stress management and resilience building.  

Examine their behaviour under stress

Understand the stress response

Consider their stress triggers

Incorporate mindsets that enhance their resilience to stress 

We Help People To:

The Results?

Resilient people:

  • Collaborate more

  • Are agile in the face of uncertainty;

  • Have better work / life balance;

  • Are less likely to take time off sick;

  • Are more engaged;

  • Handle their own workloads in a sustainable way and avoid burnout;

  • Are emotionally available and connected to their teams/clients;

  • Have enhanced mental sharpness and decision-making ability

We can work with you to build:


Supporting those who set the pace for a sustainably performing organisation.


Help teams create a micro-culture where people collaborate, achieve and thrive.


Look after your best performers and they will look after the needs of the organisation.


Create places where employees thrive and look forward to coming to work.

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