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Talent Resilience Training – Future-Proofing Your Employees

The ‘war for talent’ is very real.


Retaining your most capable employees can give your organisation a key competitive edge, and talent resilience training is key to this. 


One factor that is often overlooked, is that high performing individuals are among those most at risk from stress, overload and burnout. Top performers have no problem with motivation - they tend to have the will, but not always the skill to perform sustainably. In other words, they struggle to slow down and take care of themselves!

By including resilience training into your talent management programmes, you are looking after your top talent, and future leaders. 

Why invest in resilience for your top talent?

  • Retain your top performers;

  • Equip them with skills to perform sustainably at a high level;

  • People in talent pools demand a lot of themselves and of the; organisation – this is a way to invest in them in a meaningful way;

  • These individuals are usually current or future people managers – they need to support others to work in a sustainable way.

We can help you enhance your Talent programmes

Having worked alongside talent managers at several blue-chip companies, our team will provide you with new insights on developing your talent pool.


Our Talent Resilience programmes and workshops are designed to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your existing talent pool using resilience diagnostics

  • Delivering specific programme modules to address any limitations, such as:

    • Emotional resilience

    • Self-leadership and wellbeing

    • Performing with purpose

    • Handling change

    • Constructive communication

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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