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Resilience training Ireland

Resilience Training in Ireland

Engaging With Overworked, Stressed Out Employees. 
Many Irish people are living with high levels of stress in the workplace. However, providing resilience workshops for employees can help, by empowering them with the skills they need to adapt to pressure and respond effectively.

At Wiser Working, we offer resilience training and corporate stress management programmes across Ireland, helping employers from Cork to Carrickfergus, and everywhere in between. 

We support large and small Irish organisations as they seek to retain top talent, develop better leaders or simply handle continuous change and pressure. 

Read on to find out how we can improve your team through our resilience workshops for employees (delivered in person or virtually). 

Stress at work

Rising Stress Levels

Research by the Economic and Social Research Institute has found that around 18% of absences from work nationally are due to stress, depression and anxiety. However, time off sick is just the tip of the iceberg, since another survey found that 82% of employees said they were facing an increased level of stress at work.

Changes to workplaces, including remote working, are steadily adding to pressure on staff. Resilience and flexibility are needed for individuals to manage all the demands being made on them.

Building resilience to stress in the workplace enables employees to effectively deal with daily demands and bounce back in the face of challenges. As a learnable skill, resilience training can equip a workforce with the capacity to be more productive and improve overall wellbeing.

Resilience workshop Ireland

Resilience Training

HR departments are keen to help employees to adapt to change/cope with stresses but may not always know how to go about this. Resilience workshops for employees can help, by teaching staff the skills they need not only to cope with current challenges, but to feel more confident in their ability to handle other demands in the future.

Our resilience training programmes in Ireland offer individuals the opportunity to reflect on their current coping mechanisms and introduces them to effective strategies and mindset shifts that establish real solutions to managing stress.

How our workshops help

Our resilience workshops and programmes offer baseline resilience training in the fundamentals of resilience for stress and are delivered to from board level to the shop floor.


Establishing a meaningful culture of corporate resilience is the starting point. 

We truly believe that resilience is a skill that can be learned, priming employees for unforeseen challenges, enabling them to seamlessly glide through choppy waters.

Let’s Work Together

Wiser Working’s resilience training programmes can be applied to each business need, including talent management, employee engagement, team performance and culture development.

Contact Wiser Working for details of how we can work with your organisation.

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