Wiser Working CORE


Continuous Optimisation of Resilience & Energy

The human nervous system is continually shifting between the three modes of Achieve, Defend  and Nurture.


Spending too much time in the Achieve and Defend modes, causes stress.

This leads to fatigue, poor decision-making and impaired performance at work.

The Wiser Working CORE    programme is designed to help people get the right balance, so they can build their energy levels and resilience.


Achieve More. Stress Less.

Resilient people understand their physiology, communicate well and operate with integrity.


Engaging with the Wiser Working CORE   , will help your employees to build sustainable performance by:

  1. Learning how to operate in the 'Achieve' mode without burning out;

  2. Reducing stress; 

  3. Understanding their emotional regulation systems, via bio-metric heart monitoring;

  4. Developing personal habits and communication styles that encourage collaboration, innovation and positive cultures. 


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