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Unlock the Potential of Personality Profiling for Your Teams!


Understanding your team's unique strengths and areas for growth is essential.


That's where personality (psychometric) profiling comes in. It's not just about recognising individual talents; it's also about addressing blind spots that might be limiting progress.

But it goes even further. This data can help your team appreciate the diversity of behavioural styles within the group, fostering collaboration and harmony while resolving any tensions that may arise.

At Wiser Working, we specialise in using psychometric profiling tools to help your teams reach their full potential.

Your next team offsite can be an enlightening and engaging experience, using these tools. They provide a productive focus area for your team, allowing everyone to grow and work together more effectively.

Embrace the power of personality profiling to nurture your team's development and strengthen your organisation.

Why invest in psychometrics?

Personality profiling tools measure psychological traits and provide insights into various aspects of a person's personality, cognitive abilities, and behavioural tendencies. There are several providers of these tools and the leading ones have been rigorously tested for their validity.

Our coaches and facilitators are certified in following profiling tools:

  • MBTI (Myers Briggs)

  • DISC

  • Insights Discovery

These reports are highly effective when used as part of team building or team coaching.

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Who's it for?


Psychometric assessments are ideal for:

  • Team leaders who want to create a stronger team.

  • Teams which may be new, not be well bonded or prone to conflict.

  • Executives who want to improve their influencing skills.

  • High potential employees who are exploring career growth.

Optimise your team dynamics

Get in touch to discuss how psychometric profiling can help your people and teams reach their potential.

We will be happy to suggest the best options, timeline and budget required.

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