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Resilience Training NI


Wiser Working Resilience training workshops

Our programmes start with understanding the fundamentals of building resilience.


During this foundation session, we introduce our resilience framework (The Resilience Wheel) and combine teaching and experiential exercises to help participants apply the principles to their personal and professional lives.

Participants gain a deeper understanding into how their self-narratives often drive much of their stress.

Resilience training model

Understanding Emotional Regulation Systems

Our approach to resilience training enables individuals to understand more deeply how they function in the world.

We use our Resilience Framework to explain how humans react in the face of challenges and opportunities.  The model also explains how our nervous system is equipped to self-regulate and recover, given the right conditions.

When used in conjunction with a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, personal data insights enhance learnings and lead towards greater behaviour change.  

1-Day Takeaways

This one-day, interactive workshop will show participants how to build their own inner resilience to stress. 

  • Understand unique stress patterns

  • Identify the thinking traps that can trigger stress

  • Develop mindsets that foster resilience

  • Find practical ways to regulate stress patterns

  • Discover how to operate in the Optimal Performance Zone

Resilience workshop Belfast

Going one step further

The initial resilience workshop can be enhanced with follow-up sessions aimed at helping participants deepen their own resilience building and long-term agility to challenging circumstances.


We also support managers and leaders to create psychological safety for the people in their teams, leading to healthier and more resilient organisations.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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