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Are Your Top Performers at Risk of Burning Out?

Those who are the most talented and engaged are often vulnerable to the cumulative effects of over-working.

Our approach to resilience is used by pro-active talent management teams to skill up top performers for the challenges of leadership in 21st century working.

It is recognised that many high performers (aka Talent) are more at risk of burnout because of their strong work ethic and tendency not to seek help.

We invite you to watch our webinar on how to recognise the signs of burnout in your top performers. During the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to pay close attention to the ‘Brownout’ window which could be impacting 25-40% of your high performers

  • How to support those who do not ask for help but might need it

  • Our innovative 3-phase approach to preventing burnout and increase wellbeing / engagement amongst your high performers.

Are you ready to embed resilience into your talent management strategy? 

Get in touch for free access to our burnout webinar.

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