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Preventing Team Burnout

Preventing Team Burnout


Your business success depends on the continued productivity of your high-performers.

Losing these valued team members to stress, burnout or better opportunities elsewhere, will be costly. Especially for SMEs.

Studies consistently show that EAP resources are underutilised, and employees will only use them when it’s already too late. We offer early intervention.


Team Insights

Wellbeing Survey

Team Insights report
  • Quick & confidential online survey

  • Insights Report and recommendations

  • Debrief consulting call with team leader

  • 1/2 day Team Resilience & Performance offsite

  • Cost guide: £699

Resilience & Performance 1/2 Day Team Offsite 

Team offsite NI
  • Team Wellbeing Survey

  • Confidential consultations with team members

  • Comprehensive insights report

  • 1/2 day Team Resilience & Performance offsite

  • Cost guide: £6,500

High Performance

Team Coaching

Team coaching NI
  • Team Wellbeing Survey & 1/2 day offsite

  • Firstbeat performance and lifestyle assessments

  • 3 x Team Leader coaching sessions

  • 3 x 2hr Team Performance coaching sessions

  • Cost guide: £14,500

What People Say

"The workshops and Firstbeat assessment has been a massive win for me. I  have reflected on my work-life balance from the assessment and workshops and now have a more in control. I feel if I become stressed / overwhelmed I have tools and techniques to reflex and refocus. ” 

James, Site Team Leader


Resilient teams
  • Can you provide a combination of the options above to suit our specific needs?

    • Yes. We would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable approach.

  • How quickly can you engage with us?

    • We have a scalable team of trusted consultants. Usually, we can begin working with clients in 1-2 weeks from the initial enquiry.

  • Is our employee data safe with you?

    • Yes. We are fully GDPR compliant and we take survey data confidentiality very seriously.

  • How is your organisation different from other leadership development consultancies?

    • All organisations have their strengths. At Wiser Working, our strength is in helping leaders to develop and perform in a sustainable way. That is why we place a special emphasis on resilience and wellbeing.

Re-Energise Your Team

Get in touch to discover more about our award-winning team interventions.

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