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Building Physical Resilience for Workplace Performance

Healthy employees are more resilient.

They are less likely to take sick days and are better able to manage stress.

Sleep, diet and activity can optimise the body’s resources and enhance coping mechanisms during challenging times.


We think those are good enough reasons to include them in our resilience programmes.

Our workplace wellness solutions equip your people with the
know-how to:

  • Enhance energy levels

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Improve cognition and decision-making

  • Build physical resilience to stress

  • Maintain healthy body weight

  • Foster feelings of well-being

Resilience and The Mind-Body Connection

Our team of wellness practitioners also work within the stress management and personal development space, so are well positioned to help your people reach their health and wellbeing goals.

We understand that the body’s ability to mitigate the effects of stress is enhanced by an individual’s nutrient status, sleep quality and physical activity.

Our programmes will give you the knowledge and resources to optimise these critical aspects of building resilience and increasing work performance.

A Physiological Angle to Stress Management and Resilience

You can’t ignore lifestyle factors when building resilience to stress.

Our programmes include modules on wellness to align with our ambition to help people bring their best selves to work:

  • Eat – What you eat can build physical resilience and support energy levels.

  • Move – Building awareness of individual capacity to optimise recovery and build resilience to stress.

  • Sleep – Lack of sleep is a defining characteristic of chronic stress. Optimising sleep patterns enhances cognition, mental clarity and positivity.

Our consultants are certified experts in nutrition, sports performance, lifestyle and performance coaching.


Our workplace wellness solutions support our personalised health diagnostic tool, Firstbeat, helping individuals to take meaningful control of their physical and emotional health.

Get in touch to find out more about our wellness solutions for building resilience

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