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How does resilience training improve employee engagement?

One of the most important issues facing major organisations is how to engage and motivate employees. 


In our experience, if employees are not engaged or motivated, it’s because your business faces a combination of two challenges; The prevailing leadership culture & Perceived lack of control.

1. Prevailing leadership culture

Leadership behaviours create a trickle-down effect which impacts employees engagement and motivation levels.


Often leaders do not model good leadership behaviours, simply because they are tired, stressed or overwhelmed.  

We offer employee engagement training for leaders that also addresses their own needs for self-care. This helps them to be at their best when dealing with tricky leadership and management challenges. 


 This is a crucial aspect of employee engagement modules that is often overlooked.  

2. Perceived lack of control

Employees can become discouraged when they are impacted by external events which they perceive to be beyond their control.


These events could be regulatory constraints or fines such as those experienced by the banking and energy sectors, broader economic conditions or new market disruptors.


These factors can be difficult for any one organisation to control but what can be controlled is how we respond to them.

If you want to improve employee engagement, we recommend that you offer your staff the appropriate employee engagement modules that equip them with the best mindsets for responding effectively to challenges.

How we support your employee engagement initiatives

We recognise that many organisations may already have ongoing employee engagement modules and initiatives. Wiser Working brings a new dimension to these programmes through incorporating employee resilience training.


Our experts will support your HR and L&D managers by helping them to implement approaches which will help employees to become stronger, more resourceful, and better equipped for workplace stress management.


We will work with you to implement employee engagement training programmes which improve motivation by covering the following modules:

  • How to be an agent of change and not a victim of change;

  • Handling career setbacks or job uncertainty;

  • Engaging with the challenges of remote working;

  • Dealing with busy workloads;

  • Building personal resilience to stress.

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